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The Rose Membership

The Rose Membership

$125.00 / month

For $125 a month, members can apply the full monthly fee towards any service and receive access to even more discounts. The monthly fee credit rolls over so you don’t have to worry if you can’t make it in every month!

$125 a month includes:

  1. $10/unit Botox
  2. $50.00 off Birthday Botox or Dysport
  3. 10% off fillers
  4. 15% off Chemical Peels
  5. 15% off package of Morpheus8 Treatment Package (3 treatments)
  6. 15% off Skin Care
  7. 15% off BBL Treatment Package (3 treatments)
  8. $150 off package of 3 Microneedling treatments



Terms and Conditions:

  • Any unused credit may roll over to the next month for a period of 90 days or $375 after which time the wallet balance will automatically reset. Any unused credit at that point will be unable to be redeemed or refunded.
  • All Dr. Summer Rose MD Aesthetics memberships are for a 12 month minimum term which renews automatically after the 12 month term.
  • Cancellation Policy: In order to cancel after the minimum term has been completed, a 30 day written cancellation notice must be given. During your term, you may cancel your membership only in the event that you permanently relocate your residence more than 25 miles away from your original residence or your physician certifies that you are unable to receive the services. All cancellation requests must be accompanied by written proof of relocation or a physician’s statement that you can no longer receive the services. If a cancellation is requested during the term and no proof of the above is given, a $125 short term cancellation fee will apply.
  • Membership pricing, promotions, and offers are non-transferable and are for the member’s use only.
  • Membership pricing cannot be applied on top of any specials or flash sales.
  • Monthly membership dues cannot be paid for by a vendor’s loyalty program such as Brilliant Distinctions or Aspire Rewards.
  • Any accrued money in the patient wallet must be used within 30 days of cancellation after which any money in the wallet will automatically be zeroed out.
  • Membership pricing, promotions, and offers are non-transferable and are for the member’s use only.
  • If a membership account is past due for more than 10 days, there will be another $50 re-enrollment fee applied. This includes any member whose credit card on file has expired or has insufficient funds and the correct credit card is not given within the 10 days.
  • Membership fee cannot be offset by any in store credit and must be paid by Visa/Mastercard/Amex/Discover.
  • Membership payments already made are non-refundable.
  • Dr. Summer Rose MD Aesthetics reserves the right to collect at any time any delinquent or outstanding balance(s) that has not been paid for any services provided or monthly payments owed. For purposes of identification and billing, you agree to provide Dr. Summer Rose MD Aesthetics with current, accurate, complete, and updated information including your name, address, telephone number, and applicable payment data. You agree to notify Dr. Summer Rose MD Aesthetics of any changes in your information, including your payment data.
  • Priority scheduling is granted within reason. Same day appointments may not be accommodated